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As we learn stuff we like to pass that knowledge on.
This is the Table of Contents for our Mini Courses that will are intended for new sailors or us all goats that just want to brushup.
101 Basics for Sailors - Sail & Sailboat Parts
102 Running Lights - What do those pretty colors mean?
103 Lights at Night - More of:  What do those pretty colors mena?
104 Trim - Points of Sail and Trimming
105 Knots, Knots & Fathoms - Where did they come from and which should I know?
106 Channel Marker Bouys - What are they trying to tell me?
107 A Mouith Like a Sailor - Nautical Terminology
201 Wind & Water - What really makes a sailboat move.
301 Electrical Systems - Understanding and Trouble Shooting you electrical systems.
        1 - What is Electricity?
        2 - Batteries & Fuses
        3 - Trouble Shooting - Opens & Shorts
        5 - Wiring Diagrams
401 Hull Speed - Remove the confusion and win the argument.
501 Heeling Dynamics - What's going on when the boat tips sideways.
701 Hydrofoils - Really cool stuff.