Fleet 130

March 30, 2010 I was invited to the North Star Sail Club where Fleet 130 meets.  Fleet 130 is a Catalina 22 sailing organization.  I met a real nice group of guys that were all very interesting and all very interested in every aspect of sailing. 
Mike Bracket, the president of Fleet 130, greeted us with a warm smile and friendly handshake.
They were all just as friendly as could be to a stranger in their midst.  After a formal conducting of business, I found myself engaged in some great conversations.
The group consists of men and women Catalina 22 sailboat owners from Southeastern Michigan. 
Fleet 130 is looking for more members.  There are no dues.  They only ask that you own a Catalina 22 and live in the Southeastern Michigan area.  They organize events and participate in various regattas as listed on their website.  Some of them travel all over the United States to attend sailing regattas.
Our host, the North Star Sail Club, is located on the Clinton River, just a stones through from Lake St. Clair.  It was a cloudy day but the view was beautiful.  After the meeting and socialising I took a few pictures and then followed the river to the lake.
All and all I had a great day.  I made some new friends in the morning and had a fun adventure exploring along the shores of the Clinton River that afternoon. 
Photo Journal
 North Star Sail Club
 Huron Pointe Yacht Club  (I knocked but no one was home.  The gate was open so I snapped a few photos.)
 Other Pointes of Interest Along South River Road
  A Bend in the River  (Clinton River, Michigan)
The Sentinels
In Irons 
True Bruce (Made in Scotland) 
 Pick Me!!  Pick Me!!!