Friends of the Great Lakes

These are people that I have known and that have had a great impact on the maritime world or the world in general.
Clarke Scholes - Clarke was born in 1930 in Detroit and lived in the Detroit area all his life.  He was a great swimmer, trained in the Detroit River, attended Michigan State University when it was known as Michigan State College and won the 1952 Olympic's Gold Metal for the Individual Freestyle.  Clarke is the only MSU athelete to have won the prestegious honor of winning a Gold Metal in an individual event.  Clarke was extreamly active in many organizations such as, The Detroit Atheletic Club, he was a Beaver, The Indian Village Tennis Club, and Grosse Pointe Theatre.  If ever there was a person loved by more, I've not yet met him.
Clark passed this Februrary, 2010 but his legend lives on.  Journey well my friend, journey well.
Betty Davis -  Aunt Betty was a founding member of the Michigan Maritime Museum and directly responsible for raising the funds for building the Friends Good Will, a tall ship, and bringing it to South Haven.  The Friends Good Will is part of the Michigan Maritime Museum and gives cruises on Lake Michigan.  Aunt Betty is still with us and in her 90's.  She was Michigans first woman mayor, a legend to be contended with.  She loves South Haven, Lake Michigan, and everything nautical.  She can be found most days at the museum reception desk voluteering her time.  She is the matrarch of my wife's family and we all love her dearly.
With fond memories to Marialyce Canonie, also a founding member of the Michigan Maritime Museum, South Haven, Michigan.  Mrs. Canonie past away this winter.  She dedicated a great deal of her time to the Michigan Maritime Museum.    The Marialyce Canonie Great Lakes Research Library, a part of the Michigan Maritime Museum was one of her great contributions to the Museum.  She will be missed by many.
Robert Stackpoole, Skipper of the Sir Elidor, a Catalina 22.  Bob is a dear friend and mentor.  Bob was a 30+ year veteran of the US Coast Guard Reserves, serving on the Great Lakes amoung many places.  Bob is a font of information on all things nautical.  He's a member of the Bay View Yacht Club, loves racing and helping out with the Port Huron to Mackinac Race.  Bob always has a friendly smile no matter what crazy idea I come up with, after all, Bob found the Christopher-Jin and convinced me she was the vessel for me.