Davy Jones' Locker

Yes, I am sad to say, it is real and has claimed all too many of my tools and gear.
My Saddest Story
I was just beginning to experiment with jib poles and went out and bought a $150 extension pole, a pair of pole mounts, and a mast mount.
Mark and his second born daughter met me down at the Christopher-Jin and we headed out to try rigging the jib-pole for some downwind sailing.  It was a breezy day, crystal clear with just a little chop.  So I  gave Mark the nod and he turned us down wind to start our run.  I unlatched the jib-pole and started forward to rig it to the mast and jib.
Now as fate would always have it, just as I was about to latch the jib-pole to the mast a huge wave hit us on the starboard quarter, knocking me off my balance and, wouldn't you know it, like a fool I let go the jib-pole to save me own neck!!!  Now it didn't just fly into the water and disappear, no.  It was to torchure me for a while.
First it rolled down me leg and across me boot and onto the foredeck.  Then just as it was about to roll overboard, it paused, just for a moment, and it looked fir all the world like she was a go'na roll back.  Then, woosh, over the side she went.
Now for most folks that's where the story would have ended but, no.  That brand new pole floated on her side bouncing with the waves and teasin' me!!!
Well I thought to meself, thought I, I'd get that little bugger back, I did.  So's I hollower to Mark to bring her around.  Now Mark, he was getten to be a pretty good helm's men, he was, and despite the laughter and gigglin from himself and his daughter, he brought the Christopher-Jin arround while I kept me sights on the jib-pole.
Now mind you, thas either that jib-pole had a mind of its own or twas Davy Jones very own hand apon it but one way or tother that pole was tauning me, she was, for just as we came around that pole began to mock me, she did!!! Slowly...very slowly she began to up-end herself.
Slowly...very slowly one end sank while tother went heavenwards and then, horror upon horrors she began to sink slowly...very slowly.
About now we was pullen up along side her and I was ta hangen on to a stanchion with one hand, a life line with another hand....and...reachen out with my only other free hand to snach that bloody pole...but...no!!!
I missed her by mere inches!!!
We rounded about and made a second pass, but by then Old Davy had claimed his booty.
This Fiddle Only Plays a Sad Tune
One fine spring day I was rigging the spinnaker sock that I had made the previious winter.  I had just purchased the blocks and lines and was about to attach them to the Christopher-Jin.  I was going to place a fiddle block on the bow pulpit.  This wouild allow me to run the uphaul and downhaul lines back to the cockpit.
Well I had just attached a clamp to the stainless steel tubing on the port side and was about to slip the shackle of the fiddle block through the clamp when...darnned if Davy Jones didn't reach up out of the water and snach that fiddle block right outa me hand!!!
Now I had a might powerful magnet in an aft cubby hole so's I got that out and began fishing for me fiddle block...but lo!!!  I hadn't yet figgerd out that stainless steel isn't magnetic.  So as I finally figgerd that out I went back to the aft cubby hole and found me fishen net.  Well danged if I could retreave that fiddle block back from Old Davy!!!  All's I managed to dregg up was a lot o bottom muck.  Gone she was, ne'er to be seen again.  Ta read more tail both big and small try the Rum Barrel.
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