Epoxy Tote

The only thing you need to know.
They have step-by-step manuals.
If you are going to do Epoxy, do West System Epoxy. 
My grandmother used to say, "Buy once and buy well!"
Enough said. 
There are a few items needed when you undertake a Project that requires the use of Epoxy.
 A very handy item is an Epoxy Scale by West System.  It makes mixing small batches a breeze.  The small slot in the second compartment is for the scale.  It's made by West System and is available from West Marine. 
 West System makes inexpensive dispenser pumps for their bulk Epoxy Resin and Hardener.  They also make several different kinds of filler depending on if the repair is cosmetic or structural.
 Disposable spreaders, brushes and putty knifes are inexpensive and cheaper to throw away than to try and clean.
To keep everything somewhat organized, I built a tote with some scrap plywood.
Small containers, medicine cups, small sticks and pipe cleaners all have their place in you Epoxy Tote.  You can place resin and hardener in smaller squeeze bottles for accurate dispensing into medicine cups on a scale.  Small dowels make great stir sticks and pipe cleaners help you to get epoxy into holes.
Nitrile gloves keep your hands protected and are easily cleaned with vinegar.
Keep scraps of Fiber Glass Fabric in your tote in a zip-lock bag.  Even tiny pieces like the triangle above can be useful when making repairs.
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