Glues & Glue Carrier

When you are working on your sailboat you will need various kinds of glue.  A short while back I was searching around my shop for some waterproof glue when the idea of a Glue Tote hit me.  What I needed was a small, easy to carry caddy to hold all my various glue bottles.  As I was building it a few more items that I'm always looking for came to mind so I incorporated storage room for those in the Tote.
This is what I came up with.  Its rough dimensions are 9wX7dX11h.
It's made from scraps of PVC, 1/4 in. ply, 1/2 in. ply, 1x3, a left-over brass cup hook and, a scrap of sheet metal.
The front and rear sides are 1/2 in. ply about 2 inches deep.  The rest is 1/4 in. ply except for the pencil/marker holder which is made from a scrap of 1x3.
The tape measure clip is made from a scrap of sheet metal that the furnace installers left behind.  I bent over the edges so there is nothing sharp to cut my fingers on.
The following series of photos shows it all.  I find it helpful to carry a small piece of sand paper, some mixing cups and a small wonder bar, good for opening a can of paint or varnish.
No more searching for glue, markers, tape measure or pry bar!!!
Oh, that odd shaped glue bottle with the spout that looks like a hammerhead shark is a biscuit glue bottle. 
I'm very big on keeping and finding a use for scraps.
This is how I keep the PVC Handle in place.  You could use PVC Caps but I had the screws handy and the idea was to use up the scraps around the shop.
Keeping Track 
If there is two things that I can never seem to keep track of are markers and measuring tapes...I swear Davy Jones is lurking somewhere...they just keep disappearing.
Glue for all occations.
There is Gorella Glue, Wood Glue, Titebond II, Titebond III and Elmor's Gel Glue.
Gell Glue is good for when you need a little extra time for assembly as it doesn't run as easily.
 These small Stanley pry bars are great for opening a can of stain or varnish.
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