Fun Gizmos

This is the page where I like to talk about cool stuff that I've found or been told about, and would like to share with you.
Circuit Tester - Trouble Shooting an electrical problem on your boat.  This is the tool you don't want to be without.  See our course on Electrical Systems Troubling to see how this tool is used.
12 Volt DC Hand Vac - doing projects on your boat?  It's not your mom's boat, clean up your mess!
Rolling Tool Box - an inexpensive "must have" for the do-it-yourselfer.
Wench Handle Pocket - Someplace to store that easily lost Wench Handle. 
Dual 8 Amp Charger - Something New for the Christopher-Jin
Sail Pack Kit by Sailrite - Looks very interesting.
Floating Screwdrivers  A great idea sent in by an old friend, Jeff M.
The Lance Cleat  If you haven't seen or heard of this little item I suggest you check it out.  It's one of my favorite finds for 2009.
Epoxy Scale  If you work with Epoxy then you will want this item.  Check it out.
Tension Gauge - Take the guess work out of tensioning your shrouds and stays.
Vinyl Lettering - Don't go to a store that advertises vinyl lettering for boats.  Read on if you want to save a...well...boat-load-of-money.
Glue Pot - It's a great alternative to glue guns.  We love ours.
Auto Pilot - This baby's got major WOW FACTOR!!!  I give this Project 5 Stars.  It's as good as it gets.  This is not only very fun to operate but it was fun to install and it really impresses your guests.  Until I saw this item in action, I never thought I'd be interested in one.  It'll run you between $400 and $500 but if you single-hand your vessel this is a must have item.  My autoTiller is made by Raymarine.  It will hold your sailboat dead on coarse and as an added bonus you can attach it to your GPS and have it steer a course for you.
Weather Station - Every sailor worth his salt want to know what the weather is, whether she's on the water or not.  This is a fun little addition to your computer.
Home Port Bell - To sound the weary sailor home!
Parts Caddy - This goes beyond cool.  It's how I carry all my marine screws and electrical connectors.  Check this out.
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