Dual 8 Amp Charger

The Christopher-Jin is in need of new battery chargers.  I took her out a bit more last year than I had the previous years and the old 1 amp chargers were not keeping up.  I decided to spring for a little bit more of a high-tech unit.
I bought a ProMariner, ProSport8 water proof charger from StarMarineDepot.
The Facts
The unit cost $85.  It wil charge 3 battery types, Standard Flooded (lead/acid), High Performance AGM, and Gel.
You can charge 2 batteries at once.  The charger has 5 ft. charging cables and power cord.
What's Cool
The batteries are isolated from each other and the charger can redirect amps.  For instance, if the Starter Battery is only in need of 2 amps for charging then the charger will redirect the remaining 6 amps to the House Battery.
The charger will supply the necessary charging current until the batteries are charged and then it will switch to maintenance mode, and it also has a conditioning mode.  The charger automatically switches between the 3 modes as the battery conditions demand.
Photos and Installation Ideas coming soon.
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