Rolling Tool Box

For those of you who have been reading me know by now that I just can't resist Fun Gizmos that are useful.
While rumaging around Walmart the other day I happenen across a rolling tool box by Stanley Tools that costs around $22.95.  The top box has a lift out tray and plenty of space for hand tools.  The lower section holds a lot.  It easily fit 4 cordless drills and 1 cordless saber saw.  And there is still room for more like extra batteries and chargers.
Now those of you who have been reading me also know that I just can't leave things the way they come originally.  This little gem was, indeed perfect...almost.  What I felt it was missing was a place to put an extension cord.
So, with this in mind, I headed on over to the hardware department and found two brass plated coat hooks for $1.99 a piece.  These were double hooks with balls on the hook ends.  They come in black, white, chrome, and brass.  The brass seemed more nautical.  As the photos show, now it's perfect!!!  The hooks had two mounting holes that allowed me to place a fender washer behind one hole and a regular size washer behind the second.  I chose to place the fender washers behind the upper hole on the upper hook and the lower hole on the lower hook.
That appeared to me to be where the most stress would occur.  I only wanted to carry a short extension cord.  I added a 3 plug adapter and will throw a two prong adapter in the tool box for the times when you can't find a grounded outlet around.
You could easily accommodate a larger extension cord by placing a hook in each corner angled toward the center of the tool box.



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