Weather Station

One day, shortly after Christmas, I wandered into my local Radio Shack and came across a sail on a Weather Station to hooks to your computer.
It's pretty cool.  It gives you the barametric pressure, and icon that shows the predicted weather, the wind speed, wind directon, wind gust speed, indoor and outdoor temperature, daily, monthly, and yearly rainfall, and indoor humidity.
I mounted 3 lengths of steel antenna tubes to the corner post of my deck to support the Wind Speed/Direction Indicator about 20-25 feet off the ground.
(Yes, it's winter in Grosse Pointe Woods!!!  Brrr!!!  I miss those lazy days sailing around Lake St. Clair even more just looking at this picture!!!)
Below is the Wind Speed/Direction Indicator.
At left is the Rain Gage.
Below is the Temperature Sensor.
 This is a screen shot of our Weather Station.