105 Knots, Knots & Fathoms

There are Knots and there are Knots!
As a unit of Speed the Knot has been around for a while.
Then there are Knots
If there is only one Knot you learn, let it be the Bowline.  (Pronounced boh-linn)  It is a corruption of the words "bow line."  It referred to a line that ran from the bow of a ship to a square sail yard to keep it from inverting.
The easiest way to learn to tie a Bowline is to remember a story that involves a Rabbit, a Hole, and a Tree.
The fathom is a unit of depth measurment.  It is 2 yards or 6 feet.  The fathom is the distance between the fingertips of a sailor with outstreached arms. 
The term fathom is derived from the Old English word faeom.  A faeom was a pair of embracing arms or outstreached arms.
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