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My home is in Grosse Pointe, Michigan on the shores of beautiful Lake St. Clair.  Lake St. Clair is not a Great Lake but is part of the Great Lakes Waterways and at roughly 23x23 miles she no runt either.  You can see freighters coming and going and the Mighty Fitz traveled her waters until the end.  And when a storm kicks up you best make way for shelter because the old girl has claimed more than her share of lives.
A close encouner with the BBC Mississippi
July 6, 2010
A beautiful ship - BBC Mississippi
July 6, 2010
June 2010 Cruse Freighter Off Bow
We saw a rare site on Lake St. Clair that night:  A newly painted silver freighter!!!
June 2010 Cruse Freighter Off Bow
A little closer look at the Silver Freighter.
June 2010 Cruse Sunset
June 2010 Cruse Sunset
June 2010 Cruse Moon Rise
June 2010 Cruse Skipper Bob

Emerald City Harbor
This is were I bunked the Christopher-Jin
for the 2009-2010 Winter
Several of the Many Mansions Along Lake Shore Drive
The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Winter 2010
The Marine City Lighthouse on the St. Clair River.
Directly across the street is The Marine City Fish Company a really nice restaurant owned by a very nice couple, the Fishers.  The atmosphere is fun, lots o' fish, infact one is almost a big as the restaurant, and the food is fantastic!!!  I give it 5 Stars.
The Marine City Fish Company
240 S Water St
Marine City, MI 48039
 A couple of fishermen off our port.  That's Windsor, Canada in the background. 
 The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Off Our Starboard
Here we are looking back at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Estate.  Our home harbor is just around the pointe.
Mark, my daughter, aka Nasty Nate, and I having just pulled
the Christopher-Jin after our first season in late October 2007.
 My Niece and Nasty Nate Plotting a Mutiny.
(Nobody tell them they are still on dry land!)
I love this photo too!!!
Broadstone in Winter
 I do a little photography now and then and since it is winter here I thought I would share one of my favorite pieces with you.  This is a photo taken just outside my front door.  I work in Adobe, Photoshop Elements 7.  I love the Impressionists and this photo is Broadstone in Winter.   Click this image for a larger view.
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The BBC Mississippe crosses the bow of Sir Elidor
July 6, 2010
Skipper of Sir Elidor, Bob, watches the sunset
July 6, 2010
June 2010 Cruse Sunset
June 2010 Cruse Moon Rise
June 2010 Cruse Skipper Bob
 Skipper Bob's Boat, Sir Elidor
June 2010 Cruse Me
A Boat Simular to the One Above
Sparked my imagination as a child
and sent me on a life long dream of owning my
own sailboat.


 September 19, 2009
The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Early Spring Evening 2010
 The Two Scally Waggs!!!  My Niece and My Daughter
South Haven Lighthouse August 2009 Sunset
This is another pic taken off the bow leaving Lake Front Park
This is a common site on the shipping channel.  This is a full freighter heading south with a load of cargo.
This is my buddy Mark trying out for the Blue Man Group
(The Blue Tint on his Face is Very Expensive Makeup Also Know As Bottom Paint) 
 Oct. 10, 2007      I love this photo!
 This the old Light House in South Haven, Michigan.  We have a cottage 10 houses off Lake Michigan.  This is the view from the end of our street, Superior.