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The following projects are all things that I have done or am about to complete on the Christopher-Jin.  It amazed me during the construction of this website that I had accomplished so much in a relatively short period of time.  So put your feet up, read, and hopefully get inspired!
Take a look at some ideas In The Works.  It is there that we talk about some fun stuff that might make a good project.
1st Year2007

Combing Repair

Electrical Upgrade

Spreader Light

Battery Compartment Repair


Lightning Protection

Galley Pump


Alcohol Stove

Ice Box Drain

GPS Mount

Tool Bag

Riggers Bag

Backup Handheld Radio

Mast Stepper

Jib Downhaul

Boom Topping Lift

Bilge Pump

Electronic Handheld Horn

New Cockpit Cushions**

New Cabin Shades**

Electric Steering
2nd Year 2008


Head Closet

Lazy Jacks

Jib Pole - FAILED
Before you begin go to Sailrite and take a look around.  It's a very fun web store and will inspire you to get creative!  It did me!!!
Forward Hatch Awning & Screen

* Thanks to "Chip Ahoy" Homeport

**A gift from Mrs. Mumphy
3rd Year 2009

Mast Crane*

Auto Pilot

Screen Doors

Teak Crib Boards

Backup GPS

Main Out Haul

Jiffy Reefing

Wooden Battens - FAILED  See Fiberglass Battens below.
Galley Drawer
Solar Cells
4th Year 2010
Weather Board Replacement (Inside and Out)
5th Year 2011
Cowl Dorade Vent
Swing Keel Spacers
Accessories Fuse Panel (Getting rid of those pesky in-line fuses.)
Dock Lights
6th Year 2012 
Spinnaker Pole Mast Mount
Rail Cushion Covers
Line Holders
Cabin Ventilation
8th Year 2014
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