Anchor Rode Storage

This a Project I found in an old book, Handyman Afloat.  It is so simple and yet eligant.
One of the biggest problems aboard the Christopher-Jin is storage.  One anchor and rode can create enough of a mess let alone 2 anchors and rodes which is what I carry.
I had a chance to try out one of my Anchor Rode Storage Buckets.  We dropped anchor just outside Ford's Cove so the kids could do a little swimming and tubing off the back of the  Christopher-Jin.  See Adventures.  The Storage Bucket worked great!  We dropped anchor and the rode payed out nicely.  Later when we weighed anchor the rode coiled up nicely back into the bucket.  I left the storage bucket setting in the cabin below to dry out.
You will need:
One large bucket
One smaller bucket
Two Brass Screws with Nuts and Washers
Remove the handle from the smaller bucket.
Drill two holes through the rim of the small bucket.
Turn the bucket over and place in the bottom of the larger bucket.
Mark and drill the bottom of the larger bucket to match the holes in the rim of the smaller bucket.
Use the brass screws, nut and washers to secure the smaller bucket inside the larger bucket.
Now, simply wind your anchor rode round the inner bucket.  You will be amazed how much rode this unit can hold.
I store two of these Anchor Rode Storage Buckets and Anchors in the Starboard Under Seat Locker of the cockpit.  No more mess, no more tangled lines.  When you drop anchor, simply toss the anchor overboard while in the cockpit and walk forward with the Storage Bucket while you are paying out rode and then tie the rode off at the bow.
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