Battery Compartment Repair

Time: Several Days on-and-off.
Level: Advanced
Bravery Level: 5 Star - Most would pass out if they saw this project in progress!!!
While I was working on the Combing Repair my friend, Mark, was working in the battery compartment.  I'm not sure what must have happened in the past but there were two breaks in the inner haul on either side of the keel ridge in the battery compartment.  After much discussion, Mark and I decided to make larger opening and inspect the plywood core.
So Mark went to work with a Dremel tool and cut about 12x12 inch squares out of each side.  What we found was that the plywood was soaked but not rotted.  So we decided to open up all the storage compartments, set the cabin drier down in the battery compartment and run a fan inside the cabin for about a week and see if the plywood core would dry out before attempting to repair the inner haul.
When we came back to the Christopher-Jin a week later the plywood was bone dry.
Here you can see the House Battery on the left and the Starting Battery on the right.
The Battery Charger is mounted just to the right of the House Battery.