Topping Lift

Catalina 22's come with a boom topping lift attached to the back stay.  The back stay lift adds an extra step to getting underway, which is that it must be detached.  The topping lift shown below, when properly adjusted, needs no further attention once the Main is hoisted.  It consists of a length of 1/4" rope, a small cheek block, and a cleat of your choice.
It should be adjusted so that it is loose when the main is up but supports the boom when the main is loose or down.  I have seen sailors get clunked on the head with an improperly adjusted topping lift.  So if you are going to attempt this project take the few moments that it takes to correctly adjust the lift.
There are also under-boom, fiberglass topping lifts.  You can take a look at one at Chip Ahoy HomePort.  Frankly I don't know that the cost of this item warrens it's use.  It appears to be a complicated solution to a simple problem.  However, I am willing to entertain arguments.  
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