Bimini Top

Time: About 4 Hours.
Level: Intermediate
Bravery Level: 4 Star - Involves drilling a lot of holes in your boat...which scares some Skipper Bob!!!
I highly recommend this Project.  It is very easy and a quick visit to "Chip Ahoy" HomePort will give you Chuck Bennet's idea with some good pictures and a link to where you can purchase the Bimini Top.  The Bimini is also availabe from
You should get the stainless steel tubing as someone is bound to grab the frame to steady themselves and then...goodbye frame and possibly goodbye buddy!!!
It took Mark and I about 4 hours to install this upgrade.
The bimini top comes with a heavy duty riveting tool, for putting in stainless steel rivets, that you can send back for credit but I suggest you keep it.  It will be great when you decide to build the Mast Crane.
This is truely a great sun beater and it doesn't interfer with sailing.  Just slide aft to get a clear view of the Mains'l.
Chuck Bennet's Bimini Top
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