Cockpit Cushions

Now this is a really tough project.  So follow carefully.  After you have ordered your new Cushions from Catalina Direct:
1.  If you have any, discard old cushions.
2.  Carefully remove new cushions from box.
3.  Place new cushions, carefully, on cockpit seats.
4.  Do not let anyone, step on cushions while boarding or exiting your boat until the first seagull has done his/her business on them.  The geese are even more fun!
5.  Set your back-side down and enjoy!!!
When I bought her, the Christopher-Jin didn't have any cockpit cushions so Mrs. Mumphy make us a generous gift of brand-spanking-new cushions.  From Catalina Direct the closed cell cushions cost a little over $600.  Closed cell foam doesn't get soaked.  Just wipe them off and you're good to go.
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