Cup Holders

This is a fun little project for the beginner and it will save you lots of money.  Cup Holders start at about $19.  This little project cost about $4 for two Cup Holders.  I bought the Cup Holders and Carabineers at Walgreens.  The Carabineers are the type made for keys.  They are not heavy duty but they only have to hold a can of soda in a cool sleeve.  I didn't count the brass screws and nuts because I have a screw caddy full of left-over and new screws and fasteners for quick little projects like this.
An improvement would be to figure out a way to have the Carabineer centered above the center of the Cup Holder.  I might try replacing the piece of wood with a piece of flattened copper tubing bent to center the carabineer.  So for now you'll have to take a couple of swigs of your soda before putting it in the holder as it tends to lean forward a little.
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