Galley Pump

Time: A Couple of Hours
Level: Intermediate
Bravery Level: 1 Star - Not much can go wrong with this Project
The Christopher-Jin has an original slide-out galley with a plunger pump.  The trouble with that is it's hard to wash and rinse with only one hand because the other hand is busy pumping.  My solution was a Jabsco fresh water pump, about $49 from West Marine, .  I opted to keep the old faucet and not buy the faucet/pump combination because if something goes wrong with the pump or the electrical you can still hand pump through the Jabsco pump!  An added bonus.  To make life easy I mounted a doorbell button on a piece of wood for a foot switch.  The diagram below shows you how simple it is.
Jabsco Galley Pump and Faucet