Alcohol Stove

The Christopher-Jin was missing her Galley Stove so I set about finding one for her.
My first go-round was an inexpensive hot plate.  I picked one up at the local ACO Hardware for about $12 and I picked up an Origo gimbal on Ebay for about $15.  I made a wooden base for the gimbal and then mounted the hot plate on the gimbal.  That worked well but then I decided that I needed a good alcohol stove.
After much searching I came across the deal of a life-time.  I found an Origo single burner non-pressurized alcohol stove for...wait for it...$ read it correctly...$75!!!  They usually cost $250.  The seller said that it was new in the box and it was indeed.  No scorch marks, dings or scratches.
I retro-fitted the stove on to my gimbal setup (which already included an Origo gimbal) and added an Origo pot holder for another $29.  I even built a  folding sheet metal hood to keep the pops and splatters off the new curtains.
Once I fired the stove up I understood why these units cost so much.  They really work well.  I boiled a pot of water for some hot chocolate and it only took a few minutes before the kettle was screaming.
Mrs. Mumphy's grandmother used to say, "Buy once and buy well!" and truer word were never said about this purchase.
If you decide to replace or add a stove to your boat I highly recommend getting an Origo, even if you have to pay full price.  I'd do it in a heartbeat.
In addition to the stove mount I built a deflector to keep spatters off the new curtains.
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