Backup Handheld Radio

Time: 2 Minutes
Level: Beginners
Bravery Level: 3 Star - Now I know you must be wondering how I can give a Backup Radio a 3 Star Rating for Bravery.  Well all I can say is that both Mark and Bob were horrified when I drilled 2 holes in the Christopher-Jin to mount the holster to the outside cabin me...I guess I just don't have that gene that worries a whole lot about holes...every bun intended.
Safty first.  I have a Handheld Radio that I have in a holder right above the compass on the Christopher-Jin.  I keep the main radio in the cabin tuned to Channel 16.  The Handheld is usually on the Weather Channel.  I switch it on every so often to see what's coming our way.  Weather conditions change rapidly on the Great Lakes.  It has rechargeable batteries and a marine plug adapter.
This is my Handheld Radio from the Christopher-Jin.  If you take a look at our Home Page you can see it mounted above the compass.
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