Javit Anchoring System

The Javit Anchor System

One of our readers sent us an interesting idea on how to handle your anchor particularly if you are single handing your boat or have kids on board.

Mark Javit explained that his father Lewis developed this idea for several reasons.  He often went out either by himself or with his small kids and didn't want to risk anyone falling overboard to set the anchor.  He also didn't want to scuff the fine mahogany finish on his foredeck.  Lewis like to fish and he like the mahogany.

This is what Lewis Javit came up with.

This picture shows the rode in mid-deployment or mid-retrieval.  It is important to fully deploy the anchor rode so your vessel is properly anchored and secured in the proper orientation.

The Setup

The anchor is stowed in one of the cockpit lockers with the rode attached.  The rode is run from the anchor to the bow and firmly attached there.  The remainder of the rode is kept with the anchor in the locker.

Now here's the tricky part.  A tag line (shown in red) is attached to the rode via a pulley which allows the rode to easily slip along the end of the tag line.  The tag line is long enough to reach from the stern to the bow with a little extra to tie off to the stern and to remain slack when deployed.

Deploying the Anchor

You simply drop the anchor overboard from the cockpit and allow the rode to pay out until it begins to snug against the tag line.  You then let the tag line pay out until the pulley reaches the bow, give it a little extra slack and then cleat off the cockpit end of the tag.

Retrieving the Anchor

To retrieve the anchor pull the tag line back into the cockpit until you can reach the anchor rode.  Grab onto the rode and pull it back into the boat until the anchor is retrieved.

Thanks Mark for sharing!
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