Jib Down Haul

The Jib Downhaul can make your sail adventure a much safer experience.  Many a sailor has been dunked in the drink attempting to go forward to haul down the Jib.  With an inexpensive shackle, a small block and a length of line you can build your own.  On the Christopher-Jin the Life-Line Stantions have two extra sets of holes for additional Life-Lines.  I used the lower set to guide the Jib Downhaul (Shown in Red) back to the cockpit.  I also like to raise my Jib up a little higher so I don't have to strain to see what's going on on the other side of the JIb.  A short piece of line with good strong shackles on each end does the trick.
The lower block that turns the Jib Downhaul to the cockpit is actually attached to a large shakle that holds several other blocks.  There is a block for the Auto-Tack and a block for the Preventer.