Marine Power Adapter

This year I bunked the Christopher-Jin at a Marina for the winter and had her shrink rapped for the first time..  The spot where she is bunked only has Marine Power Outlets.  As luck would have it, this year I need to paint the bottom.  Guess where my Marine Power Adapter is.  If you guessed in the cabin, you are correct.  Well sealed with shrink wrap.  Now I don't want to remove the shrink wrap yet because preping the bottom for painting is going to create a lot of blue dust.
I could have gone out and paided $45 for a new power adapter, but you should know me by now.  I paid $16 for the plug, $2 for the cord and $5 for the recepticle.  I could have spent a little more and bought water resistant connectors however I all ready have that underneath all the shrink wrap.
The wiring is pretty straight forward.  Both connectors have brass screws for the "hot" or black wire, silver screws for the "neutral" or white wire, and green screws for the "ground" or green wire.
I used a 2 foot length of AWG 14 Power Cord.  For my use that is large enough.  For more current carrying capacity you could use AWG 12 or AWG 10.
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