Mast Cradle

You can buy a very nice Mast Cradle from Catalina Direct or you can build your own.  I used 4" PVC with end caps to build mine.  I marked the bottom cut-outs by placing the PVC on top of the bow pulpit and tracing from below.  Then I cut out the oval and pulpit tracings with a Dremel Tool.  Finally I lined the lip of the oval with pipe insulation slit-tubing with adhesive lined slit.  I recommend the denser rubber like insulation as I feel it gives better protection to the Mast.
This is an easy project for the beginner.  What's great is that not only is it useful and inexpensive but it's also easy to store.
Follow the instructions below.
I used bungee cords to hold both the Cradle to the pulpit and the Mast to the Cradle.  The lower right photo shows the pro model from Catalina Direct.
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