Mooring Boom

This is a simple Project suggested by Skipper Bob.  He says they have Mooring Booms down at Bayview Yatch Club.  He thought I should try building one for the Christopher-Jin and then if it worked out and didn't look to bad I could build one for Sir Elidor!!!  That raskel Bob!!!
So I dug around my junk pile and came up with about half the stuff I need to create a proto-type Mooring Boom.  A quick trip to the hardware store and about $7 worth of additional parts...I came up with a Mooring Boom.
This was a good proto-type but it needed improvement.  First I was not happy with the sag and then I didn't like the look of the tie-wraps I had to use at the connection to the top post.  When buying the band clamps I forgot that the upper clamps would have to be larger because the diameter of the elbow is larger.
 As you can see the upper band clamps improve the look and the 45 degree brace took the sag out.  To make fitting of the 45 degree brace easier I cut off the top (slightly less than) half of the "T" fittings.  By removing slightly less than half the "T" fittings they snapped over the tubing.  I used 45's nippled to the "T"s to complete the bracket.
Finally I cleaned pipes and inside of the "T"s, applied a little pipe glue and snapped them in place.
The lower pipe cap could be replaced with (2) 90's to create a hook to hang your hose from.