Tohatsu 2011

The 1980's vintage 7.5 hp 2 cycle Mercury was getting long-in-the-tooth and bit the dust this year.
After some careful shopping I discovered Online Outboards. They carry Tohatsu and Nissan. I bought their Tohatsu 8 hp, long shaft, 4 cycle with electric start for $ taxes.  The difference in price between the Tohatsu and the Nissan - $2100.  The Nissans have a different set of decals that say...Nissan!  And here is another eye-opener, if you buy a Mercury under 40 hp...its a Tohatsu!  The price of a Mercury...north of $2300.
What a great shopping experience!  I ordered my motor on a Sunday night.  I accidently entered the wrong expiration date on my credit card.  They called me the next mornng.  I was very appoligetic.  The folks out there could not have been nicer.  They also wanted to let me know that the motor I had ordered was not in stock but they had checked and there was one in route to them.  They said they were sorry but it would extend delivery by a few days.  I told them not to worry.
It showed up at the FedEx office, where I had asked for it to be delivered...wait for it...Friday morning...that's 4 days later!
All I can say is, those guys are incredable!