New Gas Tanks

Last year I replaced my old steel gasoline tanks with plastic ones.  The new on-board tank came with a new hose and priming pump.
What an improvement.  No more rusty/oily rings in the starboard under-seat hold.  An added bonus is the on-board tank has a reserve section that should get you home if you forget to top off the tank.  You simply tilt the tank toward the filler cap and a reserve of gas sloshes over a barrier and into the gasoline pick up tube area.
I also purchased a 5 gallon transport tank which I fitted with a hand pump nozzle.  It makes refilling the on-board tank a breeze.  The hand pump nozzle looks like a miniture gas station pump nozzle.  You position the transport tank above the level of the on-board tank, lift the air inlet lever and give the nozzle a few pumps.  The gas starts to flow and a siphon tube that runs down to the bottom of the transport tank continues to allow flow until you release the trigger handle.  It makes topping off the on-board tank quick and easy with no mess.
These were both West Marine purchases.
This photo shows the on-board 6 gallon gas tank.
I'm working on a fix for the gas guage.  The float sinks in gasolene causing the guage to always read empty.
This photo shows the portable 5 gallon gas tank.
The gas nozzle on this model snapped off when I accidently bumped it against the seat hatch.
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