Pop Top Power Lift

Time: About 4 Hours.
Level: Intermediate
Bravery Level: 5 Star - Just look at all the parts and pieces in the kit shown below but it is not as hard as it looks.
If you have a Catalina 22 then you know the joy of lifting the Pop Top Hatch.  It's heavy.  Bob never, and I mean never bothers to lift his.  On the other hand I open mine all the time.  I love to go down to the Christopher-Jin and take a good book or just take a snooze down in the cabin with the Pop Top up.  It makes hot summer days cool and breezy...and it gives you a whole lot more head room.  I used to struggle with mine and open it despite its awkard weight but then I purchased a Pop Top Power Lift from Catalina Direct.
Now lifting the Pop Top Hatch is a snap and the Lift makes it just as easy to lower.
At left is a photo of all the parts involved.  If you have an older Catalina 22, like the Christopher-Jin you might want to upgrade your Hatch Dogs as well.  If you're going to make the job easier than you might as well make it even easier.  The replacement Hatch Dogs get rid of the wing nuts and add Hatch Dog Latches to keep the Dogs out of the way when raising and lowering the Hatch.  See the photo below.
Once again the folks at Catalina Direct give you a complete package, very detailed instructions, including an installation video, even things like a tube of marine caulk, and you can always call them if you need help.
These Photos show the installed lifters and new dog positions on the Christopher-Jin.
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