Powered Storage Vent

Time: Couple of hours.
Level: beginner
Bravery Level: 1 Star - this is a very easy Project
Please Note:  This is NOT a fuel vapor safty purging device.
A few years back I noticed the smell of gasoline in the cabin just after I filled my gas tank.  The smell would take a little while to disapate so I decided to try and find a way to help it along.  The Christopher-Jin is fitted with intake and outlet cowlings.  The boat must be in motion for these to work.  So I decided to rig up a simple exhause vent to remove the fumes while sitting at the dock.  This Project is relatively easy, does a great job, and is quiet.  In fact it is so quiet and draws so little power that I usually run the fan whenever I'm on the Christopher-Jin.
You can buy a ready made blower.  The one I built is, of course, not as powerful but it did get rid of the smell.
Also I noticed that the intake hose was getting rotten.  So while I down in the hold I replaced that as well.
What you'll need:
Approximately 15 feet of 3 inch flexable vent hose. 
(5) plastic ties large enough to go around the 3 inch vent.
(5) small nylon cable tie downs
(1) 4" to 3" sheetmetal reducer
(1) 120mm 12vdc computer fan (50cfm) These usually come with 4 aluminum fan screws.  You will need these.
A few scraps of 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch plywood.  Enought to make the small fan box.
(4) small brass "L" brackets
(2) small sheetmetal screws
An assortment of stainless or brass nuts, bolts, and screws.
(3) Stainless steel band clamps for attaching the 3 inch hose.
I mounted the fan unit on the inside forward wall of the storage hold.  I then ran the vent hose back to the exhause vent.  I also ran a new hose from the intake vent to the back of the storage hold.
This arrangement is sure to flush the entire compartment.
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