Rails for the Crib Board & Sliding Hatch

The Christopher-Jin is over 30 years old and I thought it was time for some new "bright work" as the woodwork is called.
A modist investment of about $70 worth of teak is going to brighten up the cockpit and topside.  I bought the teak from The Woodshop 102.  As I've mentioned in other Projects, the Woodshop 102 guys are very helpful and will guide you to the best lumber dimensions for your project.
These are all items that can be purchased ready-made from Catalina Direct.  They are a very good quality company and I highly recommend them for any additions to your Catalina sailboat.
But you folks know me by now and I sometimes like to take the long way around a project and build it myself.
Above are photos of my new Crib Board Rails that I built, Teak Oiled and will soon be installing.
Above are photos of the Sliding Hatch Rails.
Below are photos of the completed and installed Rails.  Next the Weather Board gets replaced.
Below is the Finished Weather Board