Safety Harness, Tether & Lines

The Harness and Tether are both kits avalible from SailRiteThe Trammel Safety Harness Kit costs under $42.  It comes Finished for $69.
The Tether Expandable Kit Single costs under $80.
I often sail alone.  So to make sure the Christopher-Jin and I stay together I wear a Harness and Tether attached to a Safty Line whenever I leave the cockpit or if seas start to get rough.
I made a few changes to the setup.  I'll explain below.
I made my Safty Lines from extreamly heavy duty webbing.  I sewed Wichard Double Action Safety Hooks  at one end of each Safety Line and place a finishing hem at the other end.  I used one of the Wichard Double Action Safety Hooks that came with the Tether Kit and purchased second one for this portion of the Project.
To Attach the Saftey
I ran a heavy line between the bow moring cleats.  I then clipped the Wichard Hooks over the line.  And finally I ran the Safty Lines along the walkway and cleated them off at the stern moring cleats.
Now the reason I used one the Wichard Carabiner Hooks from the Tether Kit for the Safty Lines was because I wanted to use a better Hook on one end of the Tether.  For this I purchased a Wichard Quick Release Shackle.
The Wichard Quick Release Shackle is used to attach to the Safty Harness and allows you to quickly release yourself from the Tether in the event of getting dragged.
The Wichard Double Action Safty Hook assures that you are not prematurely released from the Safty Line in the event of your foot or some other obstacle hitting up against the release.
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