Sail Cover & Tiller Cover

The cutting guide can be seen in more usable detail by clicking on the image.  The area in blue or yellow shows the final size and the magenta area is the cutting size.  The megenta is to be folded to create a finished edge.  I highly recommend the use of seam tape available from Sailrite.  It is a double sided tape that will hold a seam in place until you sew it together.  To prevent the Lazy Jack slots from ripping I sewed a piece of webbing across the top of each slot.  Additionally I sewed a piece of webbing on each side of the slot to finish the edge and prevent chafing.  The material I used was outdoor furniture fabric from Joann Fabrics & Crafts.
The first photo shows the lofted Sail Cover.  This is the one I built 2 years ago.  I placed webbing over the Lazy Jack slots, at the far end and at the neck that raps around the mast.  I should have used a heavier webbing as the neck webbing is completely shot.  I will be replacing it this winter. 
This photo shows the lofted Sail Cover showing
the starboard side.
This photo show the Mast Flap attached to the port side of
the Sail Cover.  Notice the wear on the neck webbing.
                                                                                                                                    This is the finished Tiller Cover
 Here the Mast Flap is folded to show the gromets and loop line.
The is a detail view of one of the handsewn hooks near one
of the Lazy Jack slots.
This shows the gromets and loop opposite the hook in the
previous photo.