Sail Slide Wax

About my third year out in the Christopher-Jin I noticed it was beginning to get difficult to raise and lower the Main Sail.  I wasn't sure what to do so I headed on over to Mike's Marine Supply and started asking around.  They directed me to a small plastic packet that contained a hocky puck sized lump of almond colored wax.  It cost a little under $6.  I took it back to the Christopher-Jin and began smearing it on each of the main sail slides.  I must admit I was doubious.  It was very googy and tacky.  I was sure it would have the opposite effect from which I was hoping.  To my surprise the sail wax worked great!  And it doesn't take very much.  The lump they sold me has waxed the slides on both the Christopher-Jin and Skipper Bob's boat, Sir Elidor and there is still plenty left for seasons to come.
I also added a dab to the sliding hatch rails and it works great there too!  It took care of that horrible screech that some sliding hatches make.
The wax is not listed on their website but if you call them (586-778-3200) I'm sure they can get you the right stuff.
Photo coming soon.
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