Weather Board Replacement

The Christopher-Jin, being an aging vessel, has been in need of a face lift as well as a few structural repairs.  Under a project called Sliding Hatch and Crib Board Rails, we made our own teak replacements.  The Hatch Rails had to be replaced because the starboard rail had a nasty split at the top.  While we were at it we made the teak sliding hatch rails which got rid of the horrible screeching sound every time the hatch was moved.
We also replace the Crib Boards with ones we also made from teak.
So now we are beginning to look fresh except for the Sliding Hatch Teak Header Trim.  It too is looking a little bit weather worn.
In the last batch of teak I bought from the Woodshop 102, I added in enough teak to rebuild the header.  I also wanted to cover the inside face of the hatch lip as well so I doubled the amount of teak.
To cut the Hatch Header I simply removed it from the Chirstopher-Jin and traced it on one of the 1/2" teak boards.  See top intem in the photo below.  Then I traced the top edge of the Old Hatch Header onto a piece of craft paper.  I cut out this top contour and then taped the craft paper onto the inside lip of the Sliding Hatch.  Then I traced around the remaining sides and cut them off.  What you end up with is a templet for cutting the inside teak trim as shown as the center item in the photo below.
Finally take the craft paper templet and trace it onto the other 1/2" teak board and cut it out with a scroll saw or a band saw.  Shown as the bottom item in the photo below.
Inside Weather Board
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