Tiller Tamer

This is a nifty little item.  With the variable tension control you can take the strain out of running the tiller.  Hats off to Davis Instruments.  It takes less than an hour to install.
The Tiller Tamer consists of a locking block mechanism.  Its job is to either dampen or stop the motion of the tiller depending on the amount of tension placed on the locking bar by the knob on top.  When used to dampen the tiller it allows the skipper to put his feet up and relax keeping one hand on the tiller and gently giving it a nudge to port or starboard to keep the boat on course.  When locked down it allows the skipper to leave the helm and tend to other business for very short durations of time.
 Installation is a breese.  There are two clamshell cleats and the locking block.  The clamshell cleats are mounted at or near postions A and B shown at left.  A line is run from Cleat A, under the Lock Bar C, around Block D, back under the Lock Bar C, and finally to Cleat B.
The Tiller Tamer is quickly disingaged by by releasing the line from either of the Cleats A or B.
You can also unscrew the Locking Knob C to allow free swing of the tiller.
Installation Time:  About a 1/2 hour.
Bravery Factor:  5 Stars as you are drilling holes in your tiller.
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