Auxiliary Mast Connector & Windex Light

Last year I found a good deal on a Windex Light at a Boat US store.  I mounted it on the the mast so I wouldn't misplace it but didn't do the wiring.
This year it's time to do the wiring.
My delema was, how to get electricity to the new fixture.  I didn't want to parallel to the existing fixtures and I was out of connections in my mast electrical plug.  It has 4 prongs.  1) Negitive or Ground, 2) Steaming Light, 3) Mast Head Anchor Light, and 4) Spreader Light.
I went down to me local West Marine in search of a new 4 prong connector because one of the contact screws is stripped.  While checking out the various electrical connectors and idea hit me.  I could not find a deck connector bigger than 4 prongs so it occured to me that I could just add another connector for the addition of the Windex Light.
I decided to buy a 4 prong connector to replace the defective on and a new, 2 prong connector to give me the needed connection for the Windex Light.  This also gives me one extra connection for growth. (I'm all ready thinking about a Tri-Color Mast Head Navigation Light.  As Skipper Bob likes to say, "It never hurts to be seen as night.")
Soon I will be tackling the job of upgrading my Mast Electrical Connector and adding the new, Mast Auxiliary Connector.  I went with a two prong connector for the Mast Auxiliary Connector so there would be no confusion about which plug to connector where.