In The Works

I call this page In The Works because it contains ideas that I'm considering as a project.  It might be something crazy or something just for fun.
New Crib Board Rails & New Hatch Rails
June 2, 2010 - I have just completed building and oiling my new teak rails for  the Crib Boards and Sliding Hatch.
They look beautiful...but will they work???  If it ever stops raining, we will find out!!!
August 20, 2010 The answer is...they work great!!!  Follow the link above and see how they look.
Under-Table Drawer - I thought I might try building this item.  It would be a great place to store navigation supplies.  For those of you less adventurest you can buy one pre-build from Catalina Direct, and if you own a Catalina and have not been to their website, click the link and go there right now!  This is where I buy the vast majority of my Catalina supplies.  If you do opt to buy a Table Drawer don't feel like your cheating because you are will still have a fair amount of work to put in and you will still get the joy of working on your sailboat!
At left is a picture of the Under Dinette Drawer that Catalina Direct offfers for about $79.  It mounts between the dinette table and the fold-down leg.  You have to shorten the leg by the height of the drawer. 
The folks at Catalina Direct also suggest purchasing a new improved Leg, something I'm considering doing.  The new leg is stainless steel and less prone to failure.
If either of these turn into a Project you can bet I'll be posting my progress in the Project Gallery!
Going Electric - Now there is some really inventive stuff going on in this area.  Electric motors are getting more efficient and smaller all the time.  I read about several guys who are modifying outboard motors to accept an electric motor and they are claiming some pretty useful results.  I've just begun my research, so if anyone knows of any experiments in progress drop me a line.  Contact Info
This is one of the offerings of Re-E-Power.
It's a nice looking unit buy I'm not thrilled with the 36-48 volt battery requirement.
Torqeedo, carried by Jamestown Distributors, offers two outboards that run on 24V.
They claim that their outboards will deliver about 6hp and can push vessel up to 3000 lb displacement.
Glen-L has a design for what they call ED (Electric Drive)
 Another idea I've come across is the use of an Etek 12, 24, 48 volt dc motor.  It clames to deliver 10 HP peak output.  This pancake motor can be married to the med and lower unit of a small outboard.
I've found these motors on ebay.  They range in price from $250 to the upper $400.  The trick is to find a blown out outboard that still has a working mid and lower unit.  These seem to run in the same price range on ebay as well.
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