Reader Feed Back

Coment:  Blair A. Skipper of Columbia 26 - has been using LED lighting on his boat for several years and highly recommend it to our readers.  Blair went on to explain the benifits of his home-made lights.  He says that they greatly extend his battery life and he feels that they produce equal or better illumination.  Blair invited the Catalina 22 Experiment out to his boat to get a first hand look at his operation.
Blair is a long time friend and has partisipated in the Port Huron to Mackinac Single Handed Race for many years.  He keeps his boat, Otis B. Ready at the North Star Sail Club.
Q. Scott T. asked "What the Experiment part of the Catalina 22 Experiment?"  I ran into Scott T. at a fund raiser for Cancer Research.  He had heard about our website but hadn't been there yet.
A. Well Scott T. go to the Project Gallery!!!  I guess our mission statement should be, "Keep Experimenting until she sinks!!!"
Q. Does the Christopher-Jin still float?
A. You are in good company with this question.  Mrs. Mumphy ask me this one all the time.  So, here goes...beleave it or not, yes, I haven't sunk her yet!!!
Q. Several Readers have asked about specific information on some of the Projects.  For example one reader asked about the dimensions for the Jack Line Project.
A. Fear not!    I acknowledge that it's harder to build without dimensions.  The dimentions for Projects as well as detailed photos will be coming soon.  Because the Christopher-Jin is in "Land Irons," I was not able to supply all information.  However, I wanted to launch this website to begin sharing ideas with the promise that as soon as the Christopher-Jin is out of winter bondage I will round out the information in the Project Gallery.