We Need Advice

This is the place where I will post questions to the rest of the world and hope for a responce, idea, or advice.
Please send your questions or responces to dadzigian@gmail.com.
1.  Eddy, one of our readers, asked if anyone has or knows where to get blue prints for a 1976 Catalina 22.
 He says that the back wood piece in the bench area of his Catalina 22 is all rotted.
2.  Bob S. needs advice about replacing the keel pin on his Catalina 22, Sir Elidor.
My good friend Bob asked me to post this question.  Sir Elidor is a 1979 or 80 Catalina 22 with a swing keel.  He is experiencing keel slap which indicates that the keel pin is wearing out allowing the keel to bang side to side and thunk up against the keel pocket.  Catalina Direct sells Pivot Assembly Parts but Bob would like to know if anyone out there has actually done the repair, if you have any advice or ideas, and how did you accomplish lowering and raising the 500 lb. keel without killing anyone.
Send your responce to:  dadzigian@gmail.com
Photo 1:  Keel Hanger Casting Kit
Photo 2:  Keel Pivot Pin Bushing
Photo 3:  Keel Centering Spacer Kit
3.  Weather Helm:
I was at a fund raiser for a program to help feed seniors who are house bound in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, SOC, Services for Older Citizens, .  I ran into a friend, Craig H, and he asked me about a problem he was having with his 1974 Catalina 22.  He says that it exhibits weather helm on either tack.  I told him that I experienced something similar once, but as I remember it, the problem was corrected when I adjusted my mast position and then retensioned and matched the shrouds and stays with my Tension Guage.  I believe my mast was leaning slightly to starboard and I could bearly point into the wind on that tack.  Craig said he tried retensioning but it did not help.  If anyone has any ideas drop me an email.
Send your responce to:  dadzigian@gmail.com